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Flow metrics for Scrum teams

Plan your sprints with your SLE

Using your Service Level Expectation (SLE) to right-size your product backlog items (PBIs) and reach your sprint goal more realistically

Discuss the age of your items at the daily Scrum

Change how your daily Scrums are facilitated by addressing the age of your product backlog items in the sprint.

Plan your sprints with your historical throughputs

Save time by focusing on the historical throughputs of your Scrum team instead of estimation techniques to achieve your sprint goal.

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Move to flow metrics to plan your sprint, facilitate your daily Scrum and forecast your product delivery date faster with no estimations.

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Integration Details

PaceMkr integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • View application roles.
  • View audit logs.
  • View system and custom avatars.
  • Read the board configuration, features, properties, related projects,filters, and quick filters.


Use your historical throughputs to run Monte Carlo simulations to project multiple delivery dates with levels of confidence.