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We no longer offer sales and support for server apps. You can stay connected by exploring the migration options to either the cloud or Data Center version of this app.

Create a secure pathway between Atlassian Cloud and your network, and use it to integrate your Atlassian products

Create application tunnels

Create up to 100 tunnels from your organization in, each going to a single self-managed (Data Center or Server) instance. This view is available in your organization settings out of the box.

Complete your tunnels

Install this app in each self-managed instance to get access to a new view. Use it to add a security key associated with a tunnel. This creates a secure pathway between Atlassian Cloud and the product in your network.

Create tunneled application links

Create application links from your cloud products (Jira and Confluence) and point them at the tunnel you created. We’ll forward the traffic to your self-managed instance. No incoming connections to your network.

More details

Direct application links used to integrate Atlassian cloud and self-managed products require opening your network for incoming connections and IP ranges. Application tunnels let you avoid that by creating a secure pathway that can be used to forward the traffic from Atlassian Cloud to your network, keeping it safe and secure. That way, you can connect your cloud products to your self-managed ones while you migrate.

Application tunnels are available in out of the box, but you need to install this app to set up a tunnel endpoint in your self-managed instance.

Note: There are some prerequisite steps you need to complete to prepare your instance. For more info, see the linked documentation.

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