Jira Enterprise Scale Assessment Tool

for Jira Server 8.13.12 - 8.22.4, Jira Data Center 8.13.12 - 8.22.4 and more
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JESAT is designed to help you assess if your instance is ready for cloud

Its intentions are to collect database and browser metrics, which helps Atlassian assess if the current state of one customer’s data and setup will be successful moving to cloud. It is designed in the way so it captures the right numbers we need from customer’s data shape and their usage, and that way speeds up the process of collecting the information Atlassian has to review before moving the customer to Cloud. Currently it is only compatible with Jira family products. It is helpful for customers to understand the purpose of this plugin, the data it collects, and any performance impacts. This will help customers to decide if installing this plugin is appropriate for their Jira installation.NOTE: prior to installing JESAT, please update Atlassian Troubleshooting and Support tool (ATST) to the minimal version of 1.33.2

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