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Checklist App for Jira: AI-Powered, Custom Templates, Subtasks, Recurring Tasks and DoD & DoR Integration

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Company wide checklists e.g. for HACCP and HIPAA

Save time with AI-generated checklists

Say goodbye to tedious manual checklist creation and hello to a smarter, more efficient way. Our app uses advanced algorithms (on demand) to create checklists, saving you time and minimizing errors.

Make checks on the go with our mobile app

Check out our native mobile app for iOS and Android and check off your checklist tasks anywhere.

Whether you're on your way to a client, inspecting a new job site, or preparing an event - use our app to prepare well.

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Unlock the power of efficient task management with didit - the most versatile checklist solution for Jira! 🚀

📌 Key Features:

  • Recurring Checklists - Schedule avoid duplicates & streamline tasks.
  • All in one place - Collaboration made easy in the didit hub.
  • Security & Access Control - Restrict access to templates and checklists for added security.
  • Template Management - Ensure checklist quality with blueprints and statistics.
  • Rich Content - Add images, notes, metadata and signatures, e.g. for HACCP.
  • Search & Filter - Access checklists swiftly.
  • Automated Defaults - Set by projects & issue types.
  • Create & Edit Anywhere - Via link, QR code, mobile app or Jira Issue/Subtask.
  • Template Generator - Custom-tailored checklist creation powered by AI.
  • Share Publicly - Reach non-Jira users easily.
  • Sync with Confluence.
  • Data Portability - Export/import as JSON.
  • Mobile Apps - For iOS & Android.

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    didit - Checklists for Jira - FREE integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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