Accenture & Easy Agile - Example Agile Team Workflow

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Scrum-diddly-umptious: our new Accenture & Easy Agile workflow bundle

Scrum or Kanban

Whether you’re a Scrum or Kanban team this workflow will enable you to clearly track work through shaping and delivery.

Customise to your needs

This workflow provide a great starter for teams, and like all Jira workflows it can be modified over time to suit changing needs.

Track WIP on a cumulative flow diagram

The multiple steps in this workflow are helpful for identifying any silos using visualisations such as a cumulative flow diagram.

More details

Aspiring to put in place some standardised “best practice” workflows is a very popular ask of Jira admins and consultants alike. Thus we are thrilled to introduce a collaboration building on our partner Accenture's deep experience with their agile community and what they've seen work well in client teams.

Like all good organisations embracing agile, we're not prescribing this workflow as a 'set and forget'. Far from it, take it as a great basis and modify to your needs by, for example, adding a 'Waiting on App Store approval' step or similar.

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