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ZigiOps supports integrations for Jira, Jira SM and Data Center - integrate Jira with AppDynamics, TOPdesk, OpsBridge, and more

User-friendly, yet powerful interface

Install, modify and set up your integrations within a few clicks with the newest version of ZigiOps. Test the flawless user experience that the platform offers. Schedule a demo and Start your FREE TRIAL.

Integrations Template Library

ZigiOps has out-of-the-box integration templates, that you can immediately use or customize them per your needs. The platform is flexible and allows you to easily create your own integrations, and build workflows.

Advanced Data Mappings

When integrating Jira and AppDynamics with ZigiOps you can go beyond the top information layer and capture complex data relationships and system dependencies for full transparency.

More details

With ZigiOps’ fully customizable and scalable templates, you get to integrate AppDynamics and Jira in minutes. The best part? You don’t need any coding or API knowledge. You can simply use our predefined actions, conditions and transformations to set up your integration and deploy it immediately.

Use case:

ZigiOps collects AppDynamics Events and/or Health rule violations (HRVs), based on predefined criteria, and reports them to Jira. The integration platform transfers and syncs all related host details and other relevant information. Alternatively, ZigiOps can collect AppDynamics metrics and report them to Jira with related server/host information.

You have granular control of ZigiOps’ data filtering and field mapping features, which allows you to define exactly which events and HRVs need to be transferred to Jira, and how the information gets reported. Sync regular fields, custom fields, lifecycle fields and comments instantly.

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