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for Jira Cloud, Jira Data Center 8.0.0 - 9.16.1 and more
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Keep track of skills and competencies in Jira. Quickly find the right experts. Monitor skill-related risks and bottlenecks

Who is the best person for the job?

“Skillset” fields let you configure skill requirements for your tasks, see all experts qualified for the task right on the issue screen or refer to them in automation and workflows.

What should I work on next?

Let your team fetch their next most important task on demand and focus on what they do best. Automation maintains priorities and optimizes delivery, while keeping your process simple, objective and transparent.

Who are the experts?

Who worked on this component before? Who has experience with this tech? Who has the authorization? Search or explore the Skill graph to easily find relevant people in the organization.

More details

Keep track of your skill/knowledge assets in Jira and get:

  • Knowledge visibility
    • View team members qualified for a task
    • Find users by expertise
    • Identify users will skill gaps
    • Automate skill and expert management via API
    • Customize the skill tree at global, project, or field level
  • Self-service assignments
    • Get the next best task that matches your skill set with 1 click
    • Define work queues with fine-grained control over task distribution with JQL, priorities, skill requirements and dependency links
    • Control work in progress and transparency
  • Forecast progress and team workload with Delivery Simulation
    • Predict workload dynamics for a team or individual users
    • Predict delivery over the selected period
    • Reveal future delays and roadblocks
  • Risk Analysis
    • Learn which people are bottlenecks for the project
    • Know which issues are at risk due to scarce skills
    • Quantify skill demand and see how it matches with supply
    • Inform risk management decisions as to training, knowledge transfer or documentation

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Risk Analysis will reveal skill gaps and experts with unique knowledge on the project, allowing you to mitigate risks early with training, knowledge transfer or hiring.