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for Bitbucket Cloud, Bitbucket Data Center 7.19.2 - 7.21.4, Bitbucket Cloud, Bitbucket Data Center 7.19.2 - 7.21.4 and more
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Manage and protect your cloud infrastructure with zero-trust and zero-knowledge security

Remove hard-coded credentials from source code

Keep credentials in one place and secure. Improve the security of your applications by removing hard-coded credentials from source code and storing secrets in the Keeper Vault.

Code gets credentials and secrets from the Vault

Your builds access passwords, API keys, and digital certificates via a token from the vault. Developers and engineers don’t see the credentials.

Zero-Trust and Zero-Knowledge architecture

Encryption and decryption of data always occurs locally on the user's device, where secrets are stored with multiple layers of encryption. There are role-based access controls, reports and audits..

More details

Keeper Secrets Manager provides your DevOps, IT Security and software development teams with a fully cloud-based, Zero-Knowledge platform for managing all of your infrastructure secrets such as API keys, Database passwords, access keys, certificates and any type of confidential data.

Common use cases for Secrets Manager include:

  • Removing hard-coded credentials from source code
  • Replacing configuration file secrets
  • Pulling secrets into CI/CD systems like Jenkins, GitHub Actions and More
  • Protecting access to privileged passwords, API keys and other managed secrets.
  • Providing vault access to machines and applications

Keeper provides a number of Secrets Manager integrations and SDK solutions. See the Secrets Manager documentation for more information.

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