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Bring IBM DOORS Next, IBM Rhapsody, IBM Engineering Team Management, Siemens Polarion ALM data into Confluence

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Fill your Confluence pages with Engineering data

Easily add, share and access critical engineering data from IBM DOORS Next, ETM, EWM, or Siemens Polarion content directly into Confluence. Feed your Confluence space with critical Engineering information.

Make Engineering data visible in Confluence

Bring Management and Engineers together. Power-up Confluence as the window into your project by adding data from IBM ELM or Siemens Polarion ALM into your Confluence pages.

Ensure a safe and secure environment

Ensure the Confluence integration of engineering assets is safe and secure for your enterprise. User access to engineering assets is authenticated and authorized to meet your security standards.

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🖥 IBM ELM + Confluence demo

🖥 Siemens Polarion ALM + Confluence demo


OSLC Connect for Confluence makes referencing, previewing, and accessing IBM ELM (ie. DOORS Next, ETM, EWM, or Rhapsody), and Siemens Polarion ALM data from Confluence simple, secure, and efficient.

Main Features:

  • Add IBM ELM or Siemens Polarion artifacts to Confluence pages,
  • Display as a Link, Small Preview, or Large Preview,
  • Create new IBM ELM or Polarion ALM artifacts from Confluence,
  • Real-time data from IBM ELM or Siemens Polarion ALM,
  • User access to engineering assets is authenticated.


  • Get an overview of engineering information in Confluence.
  • Always stay up to date with real-time information from authoring repositories.
  • Data remains safe and secure in authoring repositories.


  • Confluence Data Server,
  • IBM ELM or Siemens Polarion ALM.

The plugin leverages OSLC and linked data technology so your data is always safe and secure.

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Bring IBM DOORS Next into Confluence. Create a requirement from IBM DOORS Next or add a link to an existing requirement on your Confluence page.