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SodiusWillert OSLC Connect for Confluence

for Confluence Data Center 7.16.0 - 8.9.4 and more
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Bring IBM DOORS Next, IBM Rhapsody, IBM ETM, Siemens Polarion ALM, Cameo and MagicDraw models into Confluence

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Link - Engineering artifacts to Confluence pages

Insert links to engineering artifacts from IBM ELM, Siemens Polarion ALM, or CATIA Teamwork Cloud (ie. Cameo and MagicDraw) in Confluence pages with live previews, always updated, and without creating any copies.

Preview - Engineering data directly from your page

Easily preview your engineering artifacts without the need to access the authoring tool. No copies of your data are created. OSLC Connect for Confluence provides only secure and trusted OSLC links.

Live - Access to engineering data

If data in IBM ELM, Polarion ALM, Cameo, or MagicDraw is updated, the data in Confluence will instantly update too. You’ll always have the latest version of the data to help your team get things done better and faster.

More details

🖥 IBM ELM + Confluence demo

🖥 Siemens Polarion ALM + Confluence demo


OSLC Connect for Confluence makes referencing, previewing, and accessing IBM ELM (ie. DOORS Next, ETM, EWM, or Rhapsody), Siemens Polarion ALM, and CAMEO or MagicDraw data from Confluence simple, secure, and efficient.

Main Features:

  • Add IBM ELM, Siemens Polarion, Cameo, or MagicDraw artifacts to Confluence pages,
  • Display as a Link, Small Preview, or Large Preview,
  • Access updated data from IBM ELM or Siemens Polarion ALM,
  • User access to engineering assets is authenticated.


  • Get an overview of engineering information in Confluence.
  • Always stay up to date with real-time information from authoring repositories.
  • Data remains safe and secure in authoring repositories.


  • Confluence Data Server,
  • IBM ELM, Siemens Polarion ALM, or CATIA Teamwork Cloud

The plugin leverages OSLC and linked data technology so your data is always safe and secure.

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Bring IBM DOORS Next into Confluence. Create a requirement from IBM DOORS Next or add a link to an existing requirement on your Confluence page.

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