Convenient Admin Toolkit for Confluence

for Confluence Data Center 7.6.2 - 8.8.1 and more
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Space user group, permission checking & batch editing, and history clearing, all these will make administrator work easier

Space User Group

The space administrator can manage the groups and members of this space to reduce the pressure of the system administrator.

Clear historical versions of page, blog&attachment

Both system administrators and space administrators can clear the historical versions of pages, blogs and attachments according to time or version to reduce garbage data.

Check and batch edit space permissions

System administrators can easily view or modify the permissions of a user/group in multiple spaces.

More details

  • The administrators can clear the historical versions of pages, attachments and blogs within the specified range.
  • Space administrators can manage user groups.
  • The system administrator can view all space permissions owned by specified users / groups.
  • The system administrator can batch grant or remove space permissions for specified users / groups.
  • The REST APIs related to Space Permissions, Users and Groups have been expanded.

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