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The best 1:1 meeting tool to manage 1:1's with your direct reports

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You are in control!

We will never force a 1:1 meeting management process on you, instead, Zumvie focuses on enhancing the most common 1:1 practices.

Our users get to influence our roadmap and we provide 24/7 support.

Always know what to discuss

Cut the preparation time to the minimum by quickly understanding what was discussed before, the context of it, and what needs to be discussed next.

Action item reminders & follow-ups

Nothing will ever slip through the cracks with all of your action items going into a todo list on your team overview page.

Use follow-ups for common discussion themes that require touchpoints in future meetings.

More details

At Zuvmie, we’ve created the only 1:1 meeting management tool focusing exclusively on engineering leaders!

You can book a walkthrough demo here: https://jira.zumvie.com?id=78E4D52CD3BFB4F8

And join our Slack community for engineering managers here: https://jira.zumvie.com?id=CDD1236153C47C5A

View our public roadmap here: https://jira.zumvie.com?id=32A0F2E16EBCB061

The 1:1’s with your direct reports are like one conversation split into 30 min touch-points over a long period of time. That’s why we’ve designed:

  • Agenda items: Add new agenda items with one click.
  • Follow-up items: Touch base on important or scheduled topics. Pin the extra important ones for your attention.
  • Action items: Make action items from your 1:1’s and see a list of your todos from 1:1’s.
  • Meeting history notes: See a log of your historic meeting notes with a single scroll.

Our support is available 24/7 and you can book a time to speak with us here: https://jira.zumvie.com?id=78E4D52CD3BFB4F8

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