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Keep your CI/CD pipeline safe

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Cider starts by creating a complete asset inventory of all the technologies in use across your many services and engineering organizations, which will become your “Technical DNA”.


Once the technical DNA is constructed the next phase is to map the path to production, and understand how each and every one of the elements in your technical stack can impact production.


Cider enables engineering teams to continue to move fast and be as agile as the business requires, without compromising security.

More details

Cider Security bridges the growing gaps between security and engineering by leveraging its ability to create optimal visibility around engineering systems and processes.Cider establishes a comprehensive Technical DNA of your environment, through which we provide Security, Devops and Dev teams an ability to optimize Appsec across all three disciplines of CI/CD security -

● Security In the Pipeline (SIP) – Effectively weaving bespoke security tools into to detect security flaws and misconfigurations within production bound code.

● Security Of the Pipeline (SOP) – Optimizing security posture of each individual system within the CI/CD, as well as the interconnectivity between them.

● Security Around the Pipeline (SAP) – Embedding bespoke measures to ensure CI/CD pipelines aren’t bypassed and that all production artifacts and workloads originate from the pipeline.

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Integration Details

Cider Security integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Ability to see all the user's account information
  • Ability to see the user's primary email address
  • Ability to interact with issue trackers the way non-repo members can
  • Read access to pull requests and collaborate on them