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Retro App, your Jira tool, enhances Scrum retrospectives. Efficiently track sprints, prepare and swiftly create backlog tasks

Sprint Task Tracking via Jira

Retro App offers a concise view of your current sprint tasks in Jira. Effortlessly track your project's progress and make decisions in real-time during your retrospectives.

Backlog Management for Future Sprint Planning

Retro App lets you create tasks in Jira backlog for future sprints within the app. It simplifies sprint preparation and ensures no tasks are overlooked in retrospectives.

Prioritized Action Items and Feedback Optimization

Retro App allows priority setting for action items and sorts cards in 'Went Well' and 'Went Wrong' columns by likes. Get organized feedback and elevate your Jira retrospectives.

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Save time and streamline your SCRUM workflow with Retro App, your Jira-integrated Agile retrospective tool. This powerful and user-friendly tool enhances your team's Scrum workflow by creating action-focused items, promoting transparency, visibility, and accountability.


  • Join sessions using session ID or URL
  • View who's participating in the session
  • Improve your team's performance by creating action-oriented items
  • Upvote/Downvote items in first 2 columns to see how the participants feel about the ideas
  • Jump into the "Action Items" tab for focused task execution

Experience seamless retrospective sessions in six steps:

  • Select your board and sprintInvite your team
  • Start timer
  • Add cards
  • Vote for the most relevant ideas
  • Transform team's ideas into actionable items
  • Adding elements directly into your backlog from the action items

After a productive discussion, easily export the session as an Excel file for further analysis.

Join the future of retrospectives today with Retro App!

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