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Manage all your Jira mentions easily in one place

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Gather all your Jira mentions in one place

Find all the comments where you’ve been mentioned in the right section of any issue. Search through them easily with filter categories. Never miss an important message again – with all your mentions at hand.

Notify people in many issues with a single message

Keep everyone in your team on the same page thanks to bulk notifications. Quickly ping them with a default message or write a longer custom message to provide all the details. Save time by commenting many issues at once.

Reply to important messages instantly

Reply quickly to comments in a user-friendly view. No need to skip between issues or scroll through tens of messages anymore. Follow what’s going on without interrupting your work.

More details

Overwhelmed with hundreds of Jira email notifications? You don’t need to read them all anymore to keep up to date. A single My Mentions panel will show you all the notifications from people working with you. The app not only protects you from missing out on an important update, it also allows you to reply right away in a dedicated view. It helps you quickly find mentions from a specific person, those created in a given project, or having a certain status.

Key features:

My Mentions is built in Forge – a trusted, Atlassian-hosted platform for app development.

Privacy and security

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Integration Details

My Mentions for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • View user information in Jira that the user has access to, including usernames, email addresses, and avatars.
  • Read Jira project and issue data, search for issues, and objects associated with issues like attachments and worklogs.
  • View the profile details for the currently logged-in user.
  • Report user accounts that an app is storing personal data for.


This app is free for up to 10 users