Secret Generator

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Generate passwords, identifiers, and keys quickly and securely

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Secret Generator on Page Basis

You can position the Secret Generator AddOn somewhere on your page. Multiple times per page is also possible.

Secure Secret Generator

All secrets are generated on the client-side directly in your browser. So they have never left your local machine during generation.

Secret Generator Configuration

The Secret Generator AddOn can be positioned somewhere on your page - even multiple times per page. The AddOn assists you and your team create secure passwords, identifiers, timestamps, and SSH Keys.

More details

Generate secure passwords, identifiers, timestamps and SSH Keys, All passwords and secrets are generated on the client side only.

Supported Secrets:

  • alphanumeric secrets (variable lengths)
  • numeric secrets (variable lengths)
  • UUID v4, v5
  • timestamps (millis/secs)
  • SSH keys

Privacy and security

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