Variants for Scroll Documents

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for Confluence Cloud, Confluence Data Center 6.12.0 - 8.9.4 and more
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Manage conditional content and publish variants of your documentation based on audience needs

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Define page & paragraph-level conditional content

Deliver the right documentation to the right audience with conditional content. Mark content with Confluence labels and define conditional rules based on them to define how the content will appear in your documentation.

Publish variants to PDF or Word

Export each variant for the right audience with the Scroll Exporter integrations. These integrations enable multi-channel publishing to formats such as PDF or Word.

Publish variants to an online Help Center

Give your users the ability to self-select the documentation that’s most relevant. When used with Scroll Viewport, you can display a variant picker directly in your online help center to better enable your users.

More details

Variants for Scroll Documents is an extension to an existing app, Scroll Documents, which enables you to control versions of your Confluence documentation and manage your content development workflow in Confluence.

Adding Variants for Scroll Documents makes it possible to define conditional content at both a page and paragraph level and publish variants to various formats and deliver more relevant documentation to your users.

Key benefits:

  • Deliver documentation based on user roles by labeling your content – page and/or paragraphs
  • Define custom rules to decide when and where variable content will appear in your documentation
  • Assign entire pages as variants or use the Scroll Conditional Content macro to manage variable sections
  • Deliver your documentation for multiple product variants with the Scroll Exporter integrations
  • Publish variants to an online Help Center with Scroll Viewport



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