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Automatically plan your sprints, optimized to your resources and priorities

Set rules for your sprint plan

Use JQL to define story groups, defining min and max percentages of effort -- eg. always spend 20% of effort on bugs, or 10% on moonshots, or always include the top priority bugs.

Tweak team availability

Adjust individual sprint capacities to account for statutory holidays and time off booked by individual developers.

Let us make the best plan!

We use mathematical optimization algorithms to attempt to meet the rules defined, schedule stories up to the maximum capacity, and to maximize the priority of stories scheduled (based on the order in your backlog).

More details

Sprint engine is breaking new ground by combining the power of Jira's JQL with advanced optimization techniques to plan sprints that optimize your time and resources, all the while cutting down the boiler-plate monotony on sprint planning meetings so you can focus on important discussions instead.

With Sprint Engine, you can define rules such as:

  • Spend 20-30% of the sprint on bug fixing
  • Always include top-priority bugs in the next sprint
  • Spend approximately 20% time on moonshots
  • Spend at least 15% of time on stories tagged as technical debt

Sprint Engine will automatically fill up your sprint with stories and tasks that respect these rules, up to the team's capacity for a sprint (which you can adjust, of course -- and we even make suggestions based on historical time/points spent). Our engine also optimizes the sprint to get done the top priority stories, based on your backlog ordering.

You'll wonder how you managed to plan sprints without us!

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Integration Details

Autoplan integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Act on a user's behalf, even when the user is offline
  • Administer Jira projects
  • Delete data from the host application
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Automate your sprint planning with rules based on JQL and capacity planning.