User Story Mapping on Whiteboards for Jira and Confluence

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Build your Jira-powered User Story Maps on a collaborative, easy to use whiteboard together with your Agile Team

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Powerful Jira integration

Whiteboards seamlessly integrate with your Jira, so whatever you do on your board will be automatically reflected in your Jira project. Convert sticky notes to Jira user stories and drag-drop items from your backlog.

Visualize to identify risks and dependencies

Visualize user experience by placing user stories along the customer journey and prioritize them into sprint or version swimlanes. Spot potential risks and dependencies that could impact successful product delivery.

Remote Team collaboration made easy and fun

Invite your teammates and work on the User Story together to understand customer activities while using your app. Work in real-time with a set of collaborative features. Vote for the most valuable stories.

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Why use User Story Mapping on Whiteboards?

  • Don’t lose track of your user. Keep your user persona at the center of your product planning.
  • Prioritize from the user's point of view. Build first what’s important for your user, not what’s important for you.
  • Tap into your team’s brain. Collaborate with your remote team and engage all team members in the process of user story map creation.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work. Don't just share your screen and be the only one managing the tasks on the board. Invite your coworkers to work on the User Story together! Whether you work on-site, remotely, in real-time, or prefer to collaborate asynchronously.

Try Jira-powered user story mapping.

This app extends Whiteboards for Jira and Whiteboards for Confluence apps. Some features, like Jira integration, are available for free only during the evaluation period of the licensed versions of these apps.

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