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Display data from a CSV attachment as a table in Confluence

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Convert attached/remote CSVs into beautiful tables

File format/separator auto detection - use commas, tabs, pipes, anything else.

Sortable headers, markdown and link conversion

Beautiful styles and horizontal scrolling when required.

Sortable columns are autodetected as numbers or strings.

Search. Cell content on single line or wrapped.

Filter/search field for quick access to data.

Macro parameter for wrapping/no wrap of cell content.

More details

  • Display a CSV file attachment as a table
  • Sort the table by clicking on the header cells
  • Filter/search field for quick access to data
  • 😎 Dark mode support
  • Wrap or no wrap on cell text
  • Beautiful styles and horizontal scrolling when required
  • Auto detection of the separator – comma, tab, pipe, etc
  • URLs and email addresses are hyperlinked
  • Links in markup language are hyperlinked are rendered as HTML anchors
  • Horizontal scrollbars for large content with shaded indicators to suggest you can scroll horizontally

Privacy and security

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Integration Details

Table from CSV in Confluence integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Read data from the host application

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