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Seamlessly add complex math formula, equations & expressions to Confluence pages. It has easy editing & export to PDF or Word

Math equations in Confluence made easy

Easily add math equations, units and more to your Confluence pages using familiar latex syntax.

Supports page export to PDF or Microsoft Word

If you export Confluence pages to PDF or Microsoft Word, expressions will be properly exported automatically using MathJax library.

For complex formula, use Easy Math - LaTeX Block

Along with inline option, you can use block macro for complex and large formula which are displayed in resizable block as per your need.

More details

LaTeX Math for Confluence makes writing Math formula in Confluence easy and seamless. Use familiar LaTeX syntax to add mathematics equations, units and expressions to your Confluence documentation.

There are three Math macros (type /latex in page editor to find these macros):

  • Easy Math - LaTeX Inline: renders expressions as inline (next to other elements without newline)
  • Easy Math - LaTeX Block: renders expressions as new block
  • Easy Math - LaTeX Block L: same as block macro but has large input box for complex expressions

This add-on is based on versatile MathJax rendering library. It also supports exporting formula to PDF and Microsoft Word documents.

For detailed usage guide, visit to our documentation: LaTeX Math for Confluence

If you find any issue, please contact our support using Jira Service Desk or send us email at 💌

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LaTeX Math for Confluence - Math Formula & Equations integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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Inline math formula: easy & seamless editing