Code Bundle+ for Jira

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for Jira Cloud
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Sync and embed 29+ developer tools alongside notes or images in one beautiful issue tab panel

29 apps in one delivers huge savings

Azure, AWS, Bitbucket, Cloudflare, CodePen, CodeSandbox, DigitalOcean, Expo, Firebase, GitBook, GitHub, GitLab, GraphQL, Heroku, JSFiddle, JSON Viewer, Kotlin, Netlify, Replit, Statuspage, Storybook, Swagger, Vercel

Copy-paste shared links into issues or dashboards

Simply click the triple-dot dropdown, select Code Bundle, paste your shared link, then click Save. Also works perfectly in Jira dashboards!

Add tabs with apps, notes, images and more!

Everything your team needs, all accessible in one place. Embed all your tools into beautiful tabs with 7 theme presets and unlimited configuration options.

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🏆 Apps+ is an Atlassian Codegeist winner! 🏆

Code Bundle+ for Jira is the best way to seamlessly integrate 29+ developer tools into your Jira issues. Embed shared links by themselves or add multiple tabs with notes, images, PDFs and 150+ other compatible apps.

👀 Trial new apps as needed or go pro to install them all: Embed+ Pro for Jira

🔥 Absolutely bursting with features:

  • Bundle includes: Azure Static Web, AWS Amplify, Amazon CloudFront, AWS S3, Bitbucket Snippets, Cloudflare Pages, CodePen, CodeSandbox, DigitalOcean, Expo Snack, Firebase, GitBook, GitHub Gist, GitHub Pages, GitLab Pages, GitLab Snippets, GraphQL Playground, Heroku, JSFiddle, JSON Viewer, Kotlin Playground, Netlify, ReadMe, Render, Replit, Statuspage, Storybook, Swagger UI, Vercel and more to come!
  • Fullscreen dialog popup for better viewing.

🔒 We don't store any data outside of your instance.

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