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ZigiOps supports integrations for Jira, Jira SM and Data Center - integrate Jira with TOPdesk, Azure DevOps, OpsBridge, and more

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User-friendly, yet powerful interface

Our newest version of ZigiOps focuses on flawless user experience and enables you to install, modify and set up your integrations within a few clicks.

Integrations Template Library

ZigiOps has ready to use integration templates, yet it is flexible enough and gives you the ability to seamlessly create your own integrations, define various parameters and build many workflows, tailored per your needs.

Advanced Data Mappings

Go beyond scratching the top information layer and capture complex data relationships and system dependencies for full transparency.

More details

Sync TOPdesk and Jira and set up a seamless data exchange between them. Customization is a breeze, zero API knowledge or coding skills required! Align ITSM and DevOps to streamline cross-team collaboration.

Jira - TOPdesk Use Case:

When an issue/event arrives in TOPdesk, it automatically gets transferred to Jira with ZigiOps. All related fields, attachments, comments, and more are synchronized between the two systems in real-time. Once the developers fix the issue, ZigiOps automatically transfers this information to TOPdesk. The opposite is also possible (Jira to TOPdesk integration) as ZigiOps offers bi-directional connectivity. The platform is powerful enough to handle as many queries as your Jira and TOPdesk instances pass to it. ZIgiOps connects to both on-premise and cloud deployments and offers unlimited flexibility and scalability.

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