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for Bitbucket Data Center 7.0.0 - 7.16.0 and more
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Automated default tasks / checklists for pull requests ▪️ 20% limited early bird discount

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Add tasks automatically to relevant pull requests

Automate reminders for manual tasks in your pull requests.Checklist Buddy ensures complete pull requests on creation. Track important manual tasks for successful releases. Prevent mistakes like committing local changes.

Simple rule based config in plain text

To create checklists or reminder comments to the correct pull requests, put a file called PRCHECKLIST in your repository. To have the wanted tasks added, you can filter by branch and file patterns, similar to .gitignore.

Prevent merges without all required tasks done

To enforce the tasks to be done before merging your pull requests, use the Merge Check: No incomplete tasks, built-in in Bitbucket.

More details

Automate task checklists or default tasks for pull requests. Checklist Buddy adds the following for you on pull request creation:

  • Tasks
  • Comments
  • whole Checklists with title

Configuration is simple, file-based, and low-maintenance:

  • PRCHECKLIST file (convention over configuration)
  • filtering options based on pattern matching on file names, similar to .gitignore
  • ready to be versioned, eg. for auditing

You can find more details in our Atlassian community article.

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