Project Specific Field Names for Jira

for Jira Data Center 8.0.0 - 8.25.2 and more
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Re-use your Jira custom fields with project specific tailoring

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Custom fields on project level!

Forget creating multiple custom fields for different projects with different names on different schemes. Just create one scheme for all projects and have the project admins name the fields just as they need them.

Afraid of the performance impact?

Only the configuration is stored in Jira and retrieved only once. After that it gets cached in the browser and everything else happens there. So almost zero impact on your Jira performance!

Give it a try!

So wait no more, just install it, use it, love it.

More details

  • Create one custom field of the required type (e.g. a number or text field) and use it throughout the platform
  • Let project admins define the name and description of the custom field - per project and issue type
  • Let users work with the project specific fields without any need for additional explanations

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