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Embed an OpenStreetMap into a Confluence page and set a customizable marker with an easy editing interface

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Macro with marker and popup

Shows the viewer of the macro embedded in a Confluence page with marker and popup activated.

Macro editor with active marker

Shows the editor with the enabled marker.

Macro editor with active marker and popup

Shows the editor with the enabled marker and popup.

More details

The OpenStreetMap integration for Confluence allows you to embed a map based on OpenStreetMap into your Confluence pages.

It provides a Confluence macro to render the map with an optional marker which can open a popup with a user defined text over the marker.

The custom-made editor features a rich editing experience. You can easily navigate the map by using the mouse for panning (moving) and zooming the map. Placing and editing the marker and the popup over the marker is built to be a easy as possible.

For future versions we can think of extensions like:

  • search bar to directly search for a location and jump to it on the map
  • route planning
  • use alternate styles
  • use your own Geo-Coder server

Your feedback and your suggestions are absolutely welcome, so please let us know which feature you would like to see in upcoming versions.

You will need to provide your own OpenStreetMap tile-server and set an appropriate attribution in the administration dialog.

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OpenStreetMap integration (Confluence) integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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