Reconcile unknown attachments

for Confluence Server 7.4.9 - 8.1.3, Confluence Data Center 7.4.9 - 8.1.3 and more
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Use this app to repair unknown attachments caused by Confluence bug CONFSERVER-55928

This app is for customers affected by CONFSERVER-55928 which causes attached files to show as 'unknown attachment'. This bug was fixed in 7.12.1 (backported to 7.4.9).

The app will:

  • Attempt to reconcile the unknown attachment with the attached file when you view or edit a page.
  • Allow people editing the page to click the unknown attachment placeholder, then choose a file from the Insert File dialog.
  • Record some analytics events to help us understand the problem better (if you've opted in to Atlassian Analytics).

The app won't be able to reconcile unknown attachments if:

  • The file is missing from the file system.
  • The attachment title is missing from the storage format.
  • The page had unpublished changes at the point the plugin attempted to reconcile the unknown attachment.

See for more information.

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