Vision SQL - Database emulator for Jira Cloud

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SQL for Jira, in your browser

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SQL and JQL working together

Reuse your JQL knowledge to search for issues in SQL!

Overcome JQL limitations with industry-standard SQL language,

Write SQL combined with JQL from the console with code autocompletion.

Creates advanced reports with a few clicks

Reporting with visual Query Builder.

Puts order in the Jira REST API chaos.

Explores all the Jira Core, Software and Service Manager entities at a glance from a single point.

Access to more data that with JQL only!

Shareable dashboards with custom reports

Professional reporting dashboards with Google charts, Pivot tables.

Share dashboards with colleagues while SQL keeps data secure and private in the background.

Builds analytics not possible with Jira and other apps!

More details

  • VSQL is a lightweight JavaScript file (1MB) that runs a database emulator on your browser for Jira Core, Software, and Service Manager
  • It leverages the Atlassian public REST APIs to answer users' SQL queries
  • It puts order in the chaos of Atlassian's REST APIs with a comprehensive database model with tables, columns, and strong data types
  • SQL queries run in the context of the current user, honoring Jira permissions out of the box
  • No configuration is required
  • Data privacy is preserved, as no data is sent to any third-party server. All traffic occurs between Jira and the user's browser
  • VSQL relies on the Atlassian API for users' quotes to run at scale
  • It is read-only (only SELECT support, no INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE)
  • Each user runs an isolated database instance in the browser, which is created and destroyed every time the page is opened or closed
  • Tables have no data and are populated in real time to resolve users' queries
  • Reckless queries are aborted

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Privacy and security

Privacy policy

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Integration Details

Vision SQL - Database emulator for Jira Cloud integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Administer the host application
  • Administer Jira projects
  • Delete data from the host application
  • Write data to the host application


A built-in SQL console with nice features to enjoy writing queries directly!