AI SQL Framework: First API to integrate LLM at data level

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Power your teams with AI by connecting tools and data. Master the integration of LLM at the data level for the future

Introducing the first JavaScript public API for LLM Jira integration at the data level, with an unrivaled success ratio to date: we’ve achieved a highly accurate ChatGPT integration with a success rate exceeding 80%

We leveraged this powerful integration to build the Ask Jira POC, but you can build apps like chatbots, charting, etc., for Forge, Connect and JS Node platforms.

Fine-tune ChatGPT for mere cents (<$100), even with millions of issues and thousand of projects. It has tested against ChatGPT 3.5 turbo to reduce operational costs too.

Sure, the best balanced power-features-cost solution available at the market

Your integration will seamlessly comprehend natural language user questions and search on Jira for superior answers.

Enjoy fine-tuning without compromising data privacy! Respect Jira permissions while maintaining control and traceability of answered data.

Prepare yourself for the exhilarating future that’s just around the corner.

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Integration Details

AI SQL Framework: First API to integrate LLM at data level integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Administer the host application
  • Administer Jira projects
  • Delete data from the host application
  • Write data to the host application


A built-in SQL console with nice features to enjoy writing queries directly!