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for Jira Cloud, Jira Data Center 8.20.0 - 9.6.0 and more
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The only complete DevOps platform for Jira configuration management

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Copy configurations from sandbox to production

Save time and reduce the risk of errors by deploying Jira configuration changes through an automated process, rather than manually copying them between instances and ensure updates are consistent and efficient.

Search your Jira instance and find dependencies

Find anything in your Jira instance configuration including hard-coded values. Locate and analyze the dependencies of any configuration element, including automations, and make informed decisions about changes.

Use Git to document configuration changes

Document configuration changes to Git to track the history of changes, troubleshoot faster, rollback to previous versions and collaborate with team members. Use the change log to demonstrate compliance in system audits.

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Apply the power of DevOps to your Jira configuration management and ensure efficient and consistent configuration management through automated processes, reducing errors and downtime of your Jira projects.

Salto extracts your Jira configuration and translates it into a declarative language, allowing you to apply advanced DevOps methodologies and manage your Jira configuration like code.

Some of the use-cases that Salto solves:

  • Migration of configuration changes between instances
  • Tracking configuration changes for compliance purposes
  • Understanding what’s implemented in the instances for hygiene/clean up purposes
  • Troubleshooting Jira configuration issues through versioning and comparisons
  • Monitoring changes to Jira configuration through automated change notifications

Salto supports additional business applications such as Salesforce, Zendesk, NetSuite and more and is available both as an open-source project, as well as a commercial SaaS offering.

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