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Search, compare, deploy, and track changes across your Jira & Jira Service Management projects configuration

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A never before seen view of Jira configuration

Gain instant visibility into your Jira configuration. Explore your projects, fields and automations, and understand how everything connects.

Full audit log for Jira configuration changes

Leverage Git to document your Jira Cloud configuration changes and easily track changes over time.

Easy Jira configuration change migration

Compare projects and instances, see differences and migrate changes between them

More details

Salto enables business operations professionals to manage their business applications' configuration holistically and efficiently, turning otherwise manual, ad-hoc and error-prone workflows into streamlined and automated processes.

By extracting the configurations of different business applications, including Jira, and translating them into one single declarative representation, we empower those professionals to understand, change, track and deploy all of their configurations, across their different business applications.

Some of the use-cases that Salto solves:

  • Configuration change management and versioning
  • Compliance
  • Impact analysis of planned changes
  • Collaboration over configuration data
  • Troubleshooting Jira configuration
  • Monitoring changes to Jira configuration

Salto is available both as an open-source project, as well as a commercial SaaS offering.

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Create instant visibility into your entire Jira configuration, in Salto's universal configuration language. In this screenshot, you can see a Jira filter in Nacl.