mO WebAuthn - Passwordless login for Bitbucket

for Bitbucket Server 6.0.0 - 8.19.6 and more
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Passwordless Login to Bitbucket using Windows hello, Touch ID, FaceID, FIDO2/ Yubikey Security key, or biometrics using WebAuthn

Passwordless Login

WebAuthn is a new way to authenticate on the internet. It allows you to use the system's built-in authentication like Windows Hello, Security keys, Apple's FaceID/TouchID, instead of passwords.

Easy Management

The plugin provides an option to easily enable disable and register the WebAuthn method.

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More details

Web Authentication API (WebAuthn) is a web standard published by the (W3C). This plugin allows users to login into Bitbucket using the system's built-in authentication like Windows hello, Apple touch ID, Security key, or biometrics authentication using WebAuthn.

Feature :

  • Force Authentication for Users
  • Flexible Login for Users and admins.
  • Advance User management.

Upcoming Features :

  • Advance Group Management.
  • Flexible Web Authentication module.

Privacy and security

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