Next Generation Translator for Confluence

for Confluence Server 7.11.0 - 7.13.2
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The Next Generation Translator translates pages instantly

Translate Confluence pages instantly

Use the translator icon to translate the current page instantly. Document structure and formatting will stay the same, while all the texts are translated.

Use ad-hoc and permanent translations

Include a translated version of a page into another Confluence page. Changes to the original page will be translated on every update.

Data privacy first

Deploy the backend of the translator service in your own data center or on your own cloud account. No data will be saved in the backend. Caching is only done within the Confluence database.

More details

  • 📢 We are preparing a Data Center compatible version 📢
  • Internationalize your Confluence instance.
    • Translate any Confluence page using the translation icon.
    • Translate ad-hoc text using the translation macro.
    • Provide a permanent page translation using the page translation macro.
  • Data privacy and security are first class citizens.
    • All data is kept as private as possible, no data is saved in the backend.
    • Communication between Confluence and the backend can be tailored to your security needs.
  • The plugin provides a lot of flexibility.
    • Both the Confluence frontend and the backend can be hosted on your own infrastructure.
    • But there is also backend Cloud support for AWS using Infrastructure as Code.
  • We support German and English at the moment, but we are implementing support for 100 languages right now.

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

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Use the translation macro to translate short texts in a similar fashion as with Google Translate.