Keychain - Delegation for Jira

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for Jira Server 8.4.0 - 9.15.1, Jira Data Center 8.4.0 - 9.15.1 and more
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The most comprehensive Jira solution to delegate permissions and approvals & build out of office scenarios

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Delegate Everything

Delegate permissions in your Workflows, Permission & Notification Schemes, and even JSM Customer Portal Approvals. Delegate permissions of users, groups, or project roles.

No Changes on Issues

Once a delegation is defined or modified, assignees or other fields on the issues are not updated. The delegated permissions are reflected to your issues immediately. Your original users do not lose their permissions.

Let Users Pick Their Own Delegates

Users define their own delegates in a categorized and time-boxed way. Delegations are automatically activated & deactivated in the defined time box. Different permission categories can be delegated to different users.

More details

Keychain is the most comprehensive delegation and "out of office" solution for Jira.

Use Keychain to delegate user permissions in your workflows, Permission & Notification schemes, and even JSM customer portal approvals.

You no longer have to assign issues to another user to delegate permissions. Assigning issues to delegate users removes the original user's permissions to authorize the delegate. Additionally, any change in delegation definitions requires all issues to be updated.

Keychain solves these problems:

  • You can delegate permissions of assignees, users in issue fields, user groups or project roles; without changing any value on the issue.
  • All users can define delegates for themselves.
  • Permissions in different categories can be delegated to different users.
  • Delegations auto-start & auto-expire based on the defined date window.
  • Any change in delegation definitions is reflected to issues immediately, without a need for an update on the issue.

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