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Instant search: search and filter as fast as you can type, with an Algolia/Google Instant style search experience

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Instant Search with Filters

Better Instant Search updates on every keystroke. Type less to find what you want, with its auto-updating interface. Drill down content using the filters you know already.

Find Anything in Everything

Better Instant Search searches everything. Even in the middle of terms! Type a partial match from any part of what you are looking for and Better Instant Search and find what you want.

Regular Expression Power

Search using regular expressions. Quickly identify security problems such as AWS AKIA credentials, slack keys, and other secrets.

More details

The first release of Better Instant Search for Confluence. Includes the following features.

  • Instant search as you type, similar to Algolia or Google Instant
  • Regular expression support E.G. /[cb]at/ for cat or bat or /AKIA[A-Z0-9]{16}/ for AWS AKIA keys
  • Search in the middle of terms, E.G. .168.100. will find
  • Filter using Type, Time, Space

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