Bulk User Management for Crowd

for Crowd Server 3.7.1 - 5.2.4, Crowd Data Center 3.7.1 - 5.2.4 and more
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User management at its best. Save licensing cost, deactivate idle user & achieve Automatic Recertification for Crowd users & group

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Powerful User management for Crowd apps

✅Hassle free user and group management

✅Save license costs in the best possible way!

✅Deactivate idle users automatically via triggers

Easily Import & Export Crowd Users and Groups ➡️

Effortless Export: Choose specific user attributes & export them in CSV format with a single click.

🔃 Streamlined Import: Import users and groups directly using the versatile CSV format.👥

Unlock the Magic of Automated User Management ✨

Simplify User Management with Automated Scheduler 🤖 Deactivate, Remove, and Notify Users with Ease!

Free initial setup assistance. Schedule a free demo call with our technical expert now! 📅

More details

The User Management plugin allows to efficiently manage users in Crowd and deactivate inactive users to save licensed user count.


  • Automatically Manage your Crowd license by deactivating the user at the right time
  • Bulk Delete users / Deactivate Inactive users and save user licenses for Crowd
  • Bulk Activate Users and Auto user deactivator
  • Export/Import users for Crowd in CSV
  • Remote external directories supported
  • Search users by Inactive/Active/All users filter.
  • Search users by filter groups, name, emails etc.
  • Filter users by group and directory
  • Remove and add users from group
  • Sort user by last login time
  • Auto activate user after login
  • Deactivate only once logged in users
  • Custom scheduler
  • Import/export groups

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Manage all your users with a single click.