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Mention all users in a Confluence Group

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Group Mentions

Boost your communication with 'Group Mentions'. Mention all users in a Confluence group. Our feature ensures your mention reaches all, respecting view permissions. Define restrictions for group mentions as needed.

Mention group users

Elevate your Confluence experience with 'Group Mentions'. Find it in the '+' menu or use the shortcut (Alt+Shift+Q / Control+Option+Q). Autocomplete supports group name input; click 'Ok' to insert mentions.

Group Mentions configuration

Customize 'Group Mentions' with 'Limit' to set max. insertions per mention. 'Restriction Type' offers control: 'Unrestricted' for all, 'Whitelist' for selected, and 'Blacklist' for all but the excluded groups.

More details

'Group Mentions' Demo Video: YouTube

'Group Mentions' allows you to mention all users in a specific Confluence group while taking existing view permissions into account to ensure that your mention reaches all targeted users.

Create group mentions within the editor. Locate 'Group Mention' in the '+' menu (above 'User Mention') or utilize the keyboard shortcut (Win: Alt+Shift+Q, Mac: Control+Option+Q) for quick access.

Customize your group mentions to suit your needs:

  • Set the maximum number of mentions per group mention using our 'Limit' feature.
  • Exercise precise control with our 'Restriction Type': 'Unrestricted' allows group mentions across all groups, 'Whitelist' permits group mentions only for designated groups, and 'Blacklist' enables group mentions for all groups except those configured below.

Step up your team's communication with 'Group Mentions'.

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