Portfolio Forecaster - Epic and Version forecasting for Jira

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Spend your time doing the work, not estimating and forecasting when it will be done

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Know the possibility of finishing by your due date

Our Monte Carlo simulations use your historical data to forecast how likely it is that you'll meet your desired due date for each epic or version.

How certain are we about this forecast?

In Portfolio Forecaster you can control the level of confidence in your forecast. That sets the probability of finishing by the shown forecasted dates.

How will our choices impact the forecast?

What would happen if we started more epics? Fewer? What if we changed their priority?

You can use Portfolio Forecaster for what-if scenarios and have collaborative conversations early and often!

More details

55 Degrees, the provider of ActionableAgile for Jira, is pleased to present Portfolio Forecaster.

Using your data quickly generates up-to-date, automated forecasts on the epics or versions in your Jira projects.

How do we do this?

First, you confirm the epics or versions to forecast and the past issues that showcase the type of work you’re trying to forecast. We then put that information into our Monte Carlo simulation. It takes into account all of the unique variations in your past data and runs ten thousand trials. This is like watching you complete your portfolio of work ten thousand times in a matter of minutes.

With this data, we see a clear picture of possible outcomes you could have for your epic or version and which outcomes are more likely. This allows us to tell you when your items are likely to be done, the chances you’ll meet any desired due dates and even the impact of working on multiple items at once! Read moreWe're working on version 2.0!



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Portfolio Forecaster - Epic and Version forecasting for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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Choose the historical Throughput data you want to base the forecast on