ASAN Imza e-signature for Jira

for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 8.17.1 and more
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  • Jira Service Management

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Electronic signature app that extends Jira, allowing to sign, view issue attachments and add signatures to them

Authorize & Sign document(s) with ASAN Imza

Authorize using Asan Imza mobile number and ID. Select any certificate from the list and sign single or multiple documents.

Find Signed Document in Attachments

After signing the document return to Jira Issue View and find the signed document automatically added to attachments.

View info about signed documents

Select an adoc file from Asan Attachments panel to view information about it. There you can view and add a signature to the already signed document.

More details

Asan Imza Plugin is built to accommodate electronic signature requirements for attachments in Jira projects.Asan İmza (Mobile ID) is a service used in Azerbaijan allowing a client to use a mobile phone as a form of secure electronic ID. Like any other smart card technology-based e-signature solution, it can be used for accessing secure e-services and digitally signing documents but has the advantage of not requiring a card reader. The system is based on a specialized Asan İmza (Mobile ID) SIM card, which the customer must request from the mobile phone operator. Private keys are stored on the mobile SIM card along with a small application for authentication and signing.


  • Digitally sign any document from Jira Issue View
  • Digitally sign multiple documents at once
  • View signed document information
  • View automatically created attachments of signed documents in Jira Issue View
  • Add a signature to already signed document
  • Filter signed documents in the attachments panel

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