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Imagine if Grammarly met ChatGPT AI to help your team be more productive and satisfied - Scrum Maister makes the work flow

Refine backlog with GPT

SM analyses every issue on more than a dozen dimensions - all to produce suggestions on how to make them great to work with and well-written with help of GPT. No more empty descriptions or forgotten tasks!

Stay on top of the work, no matter what

The neural model of SM follows every open item and makes sure it is successfully delivered. If team spirit is low, issues are stuck in the lane, or the scope creep is threatening the delivery, SM will know first!

Automate retrospectives and spot hidden issues

As SM analyzes hundreds of actions in sprints, quality of issues, their progression, mistakes, and achievements - it crunches all the data and writes down suggestions for retros. AI-level of inisghts for your projects!

More details

Scrum Maister is an award-winning AI-powered product that learns your development teams' habits and helps them become productive and stress-free with the help of ChatGPT, Neural nets, and intelligent automation.

Scrum Maister is a virtual team member who is present at all stages of development:

  • issue grooming and refinement with ChatGPT and AI
  • daily team health checks to record energy levels, happiness and delivery confidence
  • team spirit, work progression, historic data checks
  • retrospective inputs based on dozens of checks, sprint progression dynamics, and data from intelligent sensors measuring work progress

Scrum Maister is a great AI-powered helper for teams of all sizes working in Kanban or Scrum.

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Integration Details

Scrum Maister - supercharge your backlog with AI integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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