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Set Product Priorities with Smart Surveys

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Avoid Planning Surprises

Find out what others think of your priorities in minutes. Import a feature list, name your audiences, & let Obo Priority automate stakeholder feedback. Enter your next planning meeting armed with what matters most & why.

Weight Your Audiences

Not all opinions are created equal. You decide who gets the most influence in determining a blended stakeholder value score. Distribute multiple surveys & aggregate diverse opinions to guide the product decision process.

Use Pre-Built Surveys

Get quick product-feature input from colleagues & customers. Obo Priority includes built-in market research expertise to craft surveys and analyze results. It’s your personal Market Research Department.

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You're constantly juggling conflicting priorities during product development. Engineering, Sales, Execs, Partners, & Customers all have opinions. You make tough trade-offs, but you must also build stakeholder buy-in to get the support you need. Managing the drama can be harder than managing the product.

Obo Priority helps you discover and resolve conflicting priorities while making a powerful case for your decisions. Build support through fast feedback from stakeholders—not through more meetings. With just a few clicks, run pre-built Obo Value Surveys to gather input on priorities. Compare points of view and use the combined Obo Value for each feature to help you set your final priority list. Then share results so all understand your decisions are based on consensus, not personal preference.

Think of it: Built-in buy-in. In hours, not days or weeks.

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