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Run effective Agile Retros in remote setup with a convenient whiteboards template fully-integrated with Jira and Confluence

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Facilitate collaboration during Retrospectives

Collaborative space with all tools needed to make your team enjoy their retros. Use images, gifs, cards, drawing to boost creativity. Voting and timer features will help to organize the process effectively.

Integration with Jira and Confluence

Convert cards into Jira issues in a couple of clicks. Assign owners, set due dates, and be sure that your team has answers to WHAT, WHO, and WHEN. Add a whiteboard with results of the session onto Confluence pages.*

Tips and guidance for the facilitator

The template goes with suggestions for facilitators on how to run Agile Retrospective. Highly valuable for freshly-baked teams. However, the template is fully customizable, so you can modify it as you want. (206)

More details

Retrospectives for Jira & Confluence enables teams to run remote Agile Retros in a convenient collaborative way. The app extends Whiteboards for Jira and Whiteboards for Confluence apps with a template for this ceremony and supports both paid and freemium versions of the apps.

The template contains activities and guidelines to:

  • Open retrospective;
  • Gather data and insights;
  • Decide what to do;
  • Collect feedback about the session.

The app is enriched with specific features for your retros:

  • Timer;
  • Voting functionality;
  • Powerful integration with Jira to eliminate duplication of work.

It is easy to edit the board and customize it to catch up with evolving team’s requirements or just to re-charge the event with new exercises.

Choose Whiteboards for Jira if working with Jira issues is more beneficial for you, or Whiteboards for Confluence if you want to add your boards onto documentation.

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