ZigiOps: Integrate Jira with Salesforce

for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 8.15.0 - 8.15.1, Jira Cloud, Jira Server 8.15.0 - 8.15.1 and more
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Deep Integrations for Smart Automation

User-friendly, yet powerful interface

Our newest version of ZigiOps focuses on flawless user experience and enables you to install, modify and set up your integrations within a few clicks.

Easy to configure integrations

ZigiOps has ready to use integration templates, yet it is flexible enough and gives you the ability to seamlessly create your own integrations, define various parameters and build many workflows, tailored per your needs.

Deep Integrations

Go beyond scratching the top information layer and capture complex data relationships and system dependencies for full transparency.

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Use Case:

ZIgiOps' bi-directional integations synchronize cases between Jira and Salesforce.

Our pre-built integration templates make the connection between the two systems easy to configure.

When a case is created in Salesforce, ZigiOps platform retrieves it based on a scheduled interval (every minute) and creates a related issue in Jira. You have a high degree of control over data filtering and data field mapping to define how ZigiOps reports data to Jira. Regular fields, custom fields, lifecycle fields, comments, and attachments can all synchronized.

Updates in Salesforce for cases already transferred to Jira are extracted on a scheduled interval (every minute) and synchronized with the related issue in Jira for regular fields, custom fields, lifecycle fields, comments and attachments.

Similarly, updates in Jira for Issues that were initially created in Salesforce are collected on a scheduled interval (every minute).

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