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Use React to create dynamic Confluence pages. Add HTML, JSX (Babel) / JS and CSS to your Confluence pages

Create dynamic content with React

React is a JS library for creating dynamic and interactive content. A custom calendar, an interactive user form.. or even a small quiz.. with React you can easily add many different UI components to your Confluence page!

Easily customize HTML, JSX (Babel) / JS and CSS

Easily customize React components with the HTML, JSX (Babel) / JS and CSS editor. Via the editor you can also add plain HTML, JS and CSS to your Confluence page!

Safe and optimized code using JSX

Make use of JSX for easy, safe and optimized code generation. JSX is javascript extension which uses an XML-like syntax. It is recommended to use JSX for type safety and fast code generation.

More details

The Confluence plugin facilitates seamless integration of React code snippets into Confluence pages, empowering users to enhance content with interactive and dynamic components. Leveraging the power of React, teams can embed custom UI elements, interactive widgets, and data visualizations directly within Confluence, fostering engaging and immersive experiences for stakeholders.

This integration streamlines collaboration and knowledge-sharing, enabling teams to showcase prototypes, demonstrate functionality, and present complex concepts with clarity and precision. With intuitive embedding features, users can easily insert React components into Confluence pages, transforming static documentation into interactive and engaging resources.

By bridging Confluence's collaborative environment with React's flexibility and interactivity, the plugin empowers teams to create compelling content and drive innovation collaboratively.

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React for Confluence integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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