Analytics Insights for Confluence

for Confluence Server 7.1.0 - 7.19.0 and more
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Taking your Confluence monitoring capabilities to the next level

Your space has an identity

A OnePager for your space information : Manager(s), Description, Labels, Audience, Sensitivity, Expiration date, etc.

Governance dashboard for Confluence Admins

One report with all metrics needed to govern your instance : track oversized spaces, outdated content, unused groups and much more

Activity insights for space admins

Deep dive into your Space usages, explore user engagement, interaction reports and content activity and governance data

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Key use cases

  • Space information OnePage
  • Space Analytics View
  • Create custom metrics : notes, decisions, ideas, and much more based on labels
  • Instance Analytics View
  • GDPR respectful

Key features

Space Information

Highlight Space Information in OnePage : Manager(s), Description, Labels, Audience, Sensitivity, Expiration date

Space insights for Admins and Managers

  • Content metrics : Pages, comments, attachments
  • User engagement : watches, likes, comments
  • Participation / collaboration : new content and participants
  • Top Highlighted figures : content, contributors, liked
  • Governance insights : size alert, attachments, unused groups
  • Trends per period : charts for content and usage trends

Confluence metrics for instance Admin

  • Spaces governance : size, status, manager, dates, expiration alert, archiving recommandations
  • Groups governance : #users, #spaces for a given group..
  • Governance indicators
    • Groups : orphaned, most used, overpopulated, unused
    • Spaces : to be archived, oversized

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Visualize your activity in a date customizable chart