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Create powerful and easy to use properties to capture information. Build reports to filter, sort and easily categorize content

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Properties 🧩

Add Properties to your pages to give them all kinds of context — due dates, task owners, relevant URLs, last edited timestamps, etc. Then use these properties to filter, sort, and search your data in reports.

Managing Properties 📑

Build reusable collections of custom Property Groups that act as form fields on your pages. Use properties like text, select, multi-select or user mention to create powerful property groups.

Reports 📁

You can view the same Report in multiple ways, and switch back and forth between them depending on what you need at that moment.. Within a view, you can add filters, sort and easily categorize your content.

More details

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Properties - collect key information about the page and give more context. They help tell you what’s happening, who’s responsible, or when a project is due.

Property Groups - can be everything from engineering sprints to content calendars, there are always key properties you can use to build your needed use case.

Reports - No more tables, labelling or complex macro configurations. With reports you can easily create an overview of your pages, you can filter and sort to suit your needs.

Build almost every use case:


Schedule blog posts in a content calendar, manage the status of video ideas or organize your next marketing campaign.


View of the most important information about employees, build onboarding documents or check the status of your incoming applications.

Agile Teams

Document team meetings, organize scrum plannings and reviews or stay up to date with your team goals or objectives.

And many more...

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Integration Details

Properties (Custom fields, Forms & Reports) integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Act on a user's behalf, even when the user is offline
  • Read data from the host application


Card view is the best way to display reports with visual components, like mood boards, employee directories, asset overviews, and more 🖼️