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Smart confluence code block with tabs, automatic language detection, multiple color highlight from minimalistic to colorful

Code blocks in tabs

If you want to show the different layers of your applications code blocks tabs are good to save space and make it more streamline.

Automatic languages detection

There is an automatic language detection built in to color highlight the code block to fit the language it is written in. 180+ supported languages for color highlight.

Code block with color highlighting

Code block with your known color highlights from github or code editors. Darkmode or lightmode with minimalistic och colorful text.

More details

Confluence code block key features

- Multiple code blocks in tabs: Describe your API in different languages, show different layers of your application

- Code color highlighting: Color highlight themes comes in many variations from light minimalistic with dark text to dark with color explosion text.

- Automatic language detection: 180+ languages

- Multiple themes: 6 dark themes + 6 light themes

- Documentation: When writing your documentation it is important to add code either it is a config block, code snippet, API documentation, different layers of your application. It could be to help the user to get started with your codebase.

- Copy to clipboard by the user

You have an API and want to show how it is implemented in different languages.


Show your applications layers


Dark themes

  • monokai-sublime
  • atom-one-dark
  • agate
  • dracula
  • minidark
  • monokai-sublime

Light themes

  • atom-one-light
  • default
  • github
  • minilight
  • mono-blue
  • vs


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Integration Details

Confluence Code block integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Delete data from the host application
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