for Bamboo Server 7.2.1 - 7.2.10 and more
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Investigate Bamboo deployments with Opsgenie's Incident investigation to find potential causes and resolve incidents with ease

Enable Bamboo in Opsgenie

Create your Bamboo API key in the Bamboo settings page under the Atlassian Apps panel of your Opsgenie global settings. Use this API key to authenticate your Opsgenie account when configuring the notifications in Bamboo.

Investigate Bamboo deployments

As per your notification configurations, you can see your Bamboo deployments mapped to the impacted services during incidents.

Identify potential causes

Dive down into your Bamboo deployments to see what deployment changes may have caused the incident. Mark problematic deployments or specific commits as potential causes and kick-off the resolution process.

More details

With Opsgenie's Incident investigation you can track your deployment changes over impacted services during an incident to identify what changes may have caused the incident. Therefore, with this plugin, you can add Opsgenie as a recipient which allows you to send deployment information to Opsgenie in the form of notifications. When configuring your notification you can then add the Opsgenie services you would like to map your Bamboo deployments to.

In Opsgenie you will be able to see your mapped Bamboo deployment on your impacted services during incidents through Opsgenie's Incident investigation view. Dive into these deployments and identify the potential causes for a quicker and more structured resolution process.

To learn more check out the documentation here.

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