Gears dingtalk for Confluence

for Confluence Server 7.0.1 - 7.17.5 and more
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The page watchers can receive the notice by Dingtalk app

Set the URL for connecting Dingtalk

Allow this feature to be turned off temporarily

Support dingtalk API 2.0

Synchronize all user information in Department

Synchronize the Department and all user information in the Department

The relationship between dingtalk and confluence users is established by matching email, job number or mobile number.

View the relationship of people in the Department

View the information of personnel in the Department in dingtalk and the relationship with confluence users

More details

  • Set the URL for connecting Dingtalk
  • Synchronize department information from Dingtalk
  • Synchronize user information of departments from Dingtalk
  • matche the users in confluence with email in Dingtalk to establish communication association.
  • Allow user to synchronize information in Dingtalk according to their phone number in profile.
  • Allow user to turn off this function and block receiving messages
  • When the page is modified, a message will be sent to the watcher of the page by Dingtalk
  • When the page is created, a message will be sent to the watcher of the space by Dingtalk

Privacy and security

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