Numbering Dog

for Confluence Server 5.10.8 - 7.9.1 and more
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Create unique numbers for Confluence pages, or anything (requirements, tables, images ...) within the page and link it easily

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Add unique number anywhere in page

Mark your objects in the Confluence page unambiguously. Use Numbering Dog macro to create unique incremental numbers (with custom prefixes) to any object (text, chart, picture, table ...) in Confluence page

Create links to unique numbers

Use standard Confluence functionality extended by Numbering Dog app to easily create link (to refer) to any of unique numbers that exist in current page

Add unique number to pages

Prepend unique number to any Confluence page title. It helps you quickly and exactly identify any page and also refer this page with standard link functionality (with just this number).

More details

Numbering dog features:

  • generate unique numbers within Confluence page
  • link unique numbers from other places within the same page
  • generate unique numbers as part of the Confluence page title
  • automated labeling of pages with generated unique numbers
  • define custom prefixes in app administration

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Dialog window (where you select unique number prefix) is displayed when you select "New Number" option at page to which you want to assign unique number.